Windows version for training

Belarusian and Litvin chess. Computer version

Play with computer intelligence and friends, edit starting positions, customize shapes and boards, get inspired by soundtracks and interface. History is just a click away!

Feel like a nobleman of the 17th century, proclaiming Rokash! Win the Battle of Grunwald by slaying the Teutonic Master from his horse! See how the Kniaź can first hide in an impenetrable castle, and then win the battle for the throne!

Belarusian and Litvin chess is a reconstructed game of the Eastern Slavs, carried over to our days and available for download on Windows.

Free Download for Windows

Windows version history. The PRAS company started working on the Belarusian and Litvin chess in 2010. Simultaneously with the work on the layouts of real chess, the creation of the first prototypes of the computer version for Windows started. In 2012, the first drafts were released. In 2014, the game changed its design and logic, got sets of pieces and boards, artificial intelligence, and specially written music. During this time, eleven people managed to work on the project.

The current version of the Belarusian and Litvin chess for Windows has not yet been finalized, but it allows you to fully understand the scale of the idea, and most importantly, you can gradually hone your gaming skills in it. Download, install, disassemble - and then feel free to join a serious live game.

Першы экран гульні "Беларускія шахматы для Windows"
The first screen of the game "Belarusian Chess for Windows"

Game possibilities. Sparring with computer intelligence will allow you to test your mind in a new game that is both similar and different from classic chess. More possibilities: 9x9 squares, 1 new piece, a different goal of the game - all this will equalize beginners with grandmasters and make the gameplay even more interesting and exciting. You can:

  • play with a computer opponent;
  • play alone on one device;
  • view the statistics of the game, accurately analyzing each step taken;
  • replay the hottest moments of each game;
  • create chess puzzles and historical reconstructions of famous battles and political events, using a special "editor".
Game type selection
Settings. The ability to include hints, sounds, music, change the sets of pieces and boards and the type of game.

Interface. Want to change the look of chess? You’re welcome - a dozen options for ready-made sets of boards and pieces: from classic to fantastic. Turn on the hints - they may be useful: they will help you to understand where the safe zone is, and where it is risky to even pass by.

Гульнявое поле "Беларускіх шахмат для Windows" з вылучанай кнопкай-пераходам у рэжым рэдактара.
The playing field "Belarusian chess for Windows" with a button to switch to the editor mode

Sounds, animation, and music will adorn the ambiance or help in difficult circumstances. What else is in the program:

  • interface languages: Belarusian, English, French, Russian, Polish;
  • advice on correct moves and unsafe movements;
  • changes in the types of pieces and boards;
  • various types of chess games (rapid, blitz, classical, etc.);
  • ambient tracks and sounds during the game.
Варыянты дызайну дошак і фігур у версіі Беларускіх шахмат для Windows
Design options for boards and pieces in the version of Belarusian chess for Windows

System requirements. Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64-bit, RAM 2 GB, memory card 256 MB, hard disk: 500 MB, computer mouse, keyboard.

Князь стаў на Трон
Kniaź ascended the Throne

The work on the game has taken about ten years. The rules were perfected, the political and military traditions of Belarus and Eastern Europe were recreated, artificial intelligence was programmed, an interface was developed and drawn.

Belarusian and Litvin chess, or simply Belarusian chess, is a new type of intellectual games presented in three formats: a gift seta noble set and a computer version.

So why wait? Take the throne now! 

Free Download for Windows
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The Belarusian and Litvin Chess (or simply Belarusian Chess) is a type of chess created in 2010 by Aliaksandr Astrowski and Mikalaj Tamaszevicz.

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