The most aristocratic appearance

Belarusian and Litvin chess. A noble choice.

Bog oak board. Handmade pieces. The original design of the box and packaging. Numbered copies. Dignity in every detail!

Bringing the chess of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to modern times, it was a matter of honor to give it a proper look. Therefore, the board, pieces, box were restored according to medieval documentary evidence. The same chess was played by Belarusian magnates and gentry after the Hiedymin's era and later. At least the opposite has not yet been proven.

Закрытая скрынка "Шляхетнага набору"
Closed box of the "Noble set". Oak, inlay.

The set, which can be a home decoration or an addition to an exhibition, is made by hand - from valuable common and bog oak wood.

The outlines of the box refer us to the domes of churches in the Baroque style, and the logo on the lid - to the capital letters of Skaryna's early printed books.

Baroque outlines of an oak box. Side view.
Bog oak inlaid with the Noble Set logo on the top cover of the box

In addition, the box has a special cover design. As soon as you open it - each of the pieces is already in its place! This system will not only surprise guests but also reliably keep valuable princes and warriors from white clay.

Дзякуючы адмысловай канструкцыі вечка "Шляхетных" шахмат, як толькі вы падніміце яго, фігуры самі апынуцца на патрэбных месцах. Усё гатова для гульні.
Due to the special design of the lid of the "Noble Set" of chess, as soon as you lift it, the pieces will be in their places. Everything is ready to play.

The pieces were created specifically for the "Noble Set", and each of them is an independent work of art, which reflects the peculiarities of the Old Belarusian troops and the troops of the Teutonic Order.

When developing the images, the need to easily recognize the piece on the board was reckoned, allowing, for example, not to confuse the Ratnik with the Kniažyč, and the Laddzia with the Kniaź during the game.



The board itself consists of squares of bog and common oak, and in simpler versions - oak and ash. The Throne is necessarily inlaid with bog oak - a tree that is at least a thousand years old! This is a living story in every "Noble Chess" set - a great gift for connoisseurs of antiquity and elegance.

How the "Noble Set" is created

Since each board is exclusively handmade, and each piece is painted by Belarusian artists separately, each set comes out really unique.

Board "Noble Set" with the Throne in the middle. Oak, bog oak, burning out, inlay.
The pieces are white after being exposed. Clay, hand painted.

To emphasize this, the serial number and year of creation of each kit are printed on the back of the box. An original and sophisticated souvenir for a person who has everything. Everything, except for the Belarusian and Litvin chess.  

Від скрынкі знізу. Дуб, выпальванне. На кожным наборы пазначаныя аўтары-мастакі, а таксама парадкавы нумар скрыні. Кожная з іх унікальная.
Bottom view of the box. Oak, burning. Each set is marked with the artist-authors’ names, as well as the serial number of the box. Each of them is unique.

The "Noble Set" of Belarusian chess includes:

  • box and chessboard made of fine wood;
  • a set of ceramic pieces;
  • rules of the game;
  • designer packaging for easy transportation.

The game has been developed for over 10 years in order to recreate the political and military traditions of Belarus and all of Eastern Europe. The result is Belarusian and Litvin chess, or simply Belarusian chess, a new type of our intellectual games, presented in three formats: a gift set, a noble set and a computer version.

So why wait? Take the throne now!

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The Belarusian and Litvin Chess (or simply Belarusian Chess) is a type of chess created in 2010 by Aliaksandr Astrowski and Mikalaj Tamaszevicz.

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