Belarusian chess in the book “Chess. The Game of Civilizations"

In 2014, in Perm (Russia) Igor Fadeev's book “Chess. The Game of Civilizations” was published, which tells about the peculiarities of the Belarusian and Litvin chess along with French, German, Russian and Polish chess. For some reason Igor Fadeev called Belarusian chess "Astrowski's chess", but nevertheless, the main points are conveyed correctly.

Everyone who wants to get acquainted with the Belarusian and Litvin chess in the context of world intellectual games is recommended to read the original book (in Russian): И. Ю. Фадеев. Шахматы — игра цивилизаций. — Пермь, 2014. — С. 281-284. — 477 с.

The project is in three dimensions

"Belarusian Chess" exists in digital, noble and gift versions. Get to know them.