Who developed "Belarusian and Litvin chess"

Aliaksandr Astrouski. Conception, management of the development of a "Noble Choice" set, texts.

Mikalaj Tamaszevicz. Idea, rule development, programming of the "Computer Version", managing the creation of all areas of the project.

Aliaksiej Kulbicki. Art direction of all areas of the project, design of the website,"Computer Version" and the "Gift Set", video editing.


Noble Choice. The noblest chess

Yauhen Rydzieuski. Design of the box and the playing field.

Mikhail Latyshau. Design and creation of figurines shapes.

Uladzislau Prakopieu. Design of the chess box layout. 

Dzianis Rydzieuski. Boards and boxes manufacturing.

Raman Rydzieuski. Boards and boxes manufacturing.

Aleh Shkola. Ceramic pieces making.

Tatsiana Rublieuskaja. Ceramic pieces making.


Gift Set. The ideal option for a gift

Paviel Bierahovich. Inspirer and patron of the "Gift Set'.

Stanislau Nikanovich. Creation of anthropomorphic figures.

Siarhiei Shcherba. Creation of the "Gift Set" prototypes.


Computer Version. An intellectual game for training and pleasure

Mihas Butylin. Developing a web version of the game and an app for VK.

Yauhen Suhaviej. Soundtrack creation and post-production.

Artur Matviejenka. Soundtrack creation.

Yan Kravapusk. Design of several piece sets.

Vital Paliakou. Design of main background, cursors and details.

Artur Pauliuchuk. Evaluation of computer intelligence.


Site pchess.by

Anatol Komlieu. Actor-image of Kniaź for advertising materials.

Maryjana Valuieva. Actor makeup for photographs.

Ksienija Danish. Backend-development.

Aliaksiej Vasilieu. Frontend-development, html-coding.

Artsiom Bahaslauski. Commercials direction, video editing.



Liudmila Mihun. Translation of "Computer Version" into English.

Nastassia Kachan. Writing texts for the website, translation into English and Russian, proofreading.

Natallia Zenka. Translation of "Computer Version" into French.

Agnieshka O. Translation of "Computer Version" into Polish.

Aliaksandra Kulbickaja. Translations of website and "Computer Version" into English and Russian.


Also many thanks for help and advice

Vieranika Palitsievich, Yana Yakubovich, Yury Zisier,  Ala Tamaszevicz, Anton Hieister, Andrei Aksientiuk, Aliaksandr Dziatlau, Vital Zybliuk, Mikalai Sobal, Ihar Nazaranka, Hanna Kiryienka, Aliaksandr Nasiennik, Aleh Savashynski

The project is in three dimensions

"Belarusian Chess" exists in digital, noble and gift versions. Get to know them.