15 Belarusian independent games

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On July 15, as part of the gaming day of the MobileOptimized'2015 conference, the Free Game EXPO exhibition was held, in which a dozen and a half Belarusian indie projects took part. Some of them are already available to gamers, the rest are just getting ready for release.

At Free Game EXPO, indie game developers were able to get valuable advice from industry experts, as well as listen to recommendations from users.

— Without a doubt, World of Tanks is now the flagship project of the Belarusian game development. Largely thanks to the contribution of Wargaming and such conferences as MO and DevGamm, the Belarusian game development industry will gradually grow and develop, and in the future more and more international projects will appear, - said Victoria Polyak, game project manager at IG and a representative of the Games Day organizing team. - Belarusian developers are very talented guys with great potential, who sometimes lack the skills to present themselves and their project to both the general public and potential business partners. Therefore, the last exhibition turned out to be a good training ground for the guys. The more companies with accumulated expertise in game development share it, the higher our chances of raising specialists capable of creating high-profile game projects.

So I wanted to send a message to companies: don't be afraid to share knowledge and information, you will only benefit from it in the long run. My second message is to the developers themselves: do not be afraid to exhibit, learn to communicate and learn English.


Обложка представленных на конференции "Белорусских шахмат"
Cover of "Belarusian Chess"

Modification of classical chess. Non-standard 9x9 field, an extra figure - Kniažyč, moving 1-2 squares in any direction. In the center is the throne, which the opponents must take possession of. Both a desktop version and a deluxe board game are available. You can play against a friend and against the computer. Original boards and pieces, ethnic ambient music and effects create an engaging effect. The game contains small animation effects and chat.

The project is in three dimensions

"Belarusian Chess" exists in digital, noble and gift versions. Get to know them.