A classic game with a new meaning

The new playing field with the throne added and the pieces named after the historical Belarusian military ranks – the new meaning of the game based on the history of Belarus!

Board 9 by 9

The board increased to 81 squares contains a new element - Throne, which is placed in the center.

New figure Kniažyč.

Stands to the left of the Kniaź (square d1 - white; f9 - black). Moves in any direction and diagonally 1 or 2 squares. Can occupy the Throne and pass through it.

The goal of the game is to take the Throne.

The winner is the one whose Kniaź or Kniažyč will stay on the Throne in one move or will kill the entire princely family of the enemy (Kniaź or Kniažyč).

"Noble Set" of Belarusian chess

Dignity in every detail

The noblest kind of Belarusian chess is a board made of fine wood and handmade pieces. Perfect.

The "Noble Set" is the best gift for people with a refined taste:

  • bog oak board;
  • handmade pieces;
  • original packaging design.
Gift version

Best Belarusian souvenir

A set that every Belarusian has to possess or to be presented with
Computer version of the Belarusian and Litvin chess

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The Belarusian and Litvin Chess (or simply Belarusian Chess) is a type of chess created in 2010 by Aliaksandr Astrowski and Mikalaj Tamaszevicz.

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